Terms of Use


1-ToU purpose and scope:

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to define the terms in which Users may access the Les-plus-beaux-campings.com Website and use its services.

Use of the Les-plus-beaux-campings.com Website (hereinafter called Website) is subject to these Terms of Use to which special service clauses may apply. Anyone (hereinafter called User) accessing the Website must respect the terms to which they will have to agree prior to registering with the services.

By visiting the Website, the User has read and agreed unconditionally to the Terms of Use from the first day of use.

The Website reserves the right to amend or fully revise the Terms of Use at any time. Any revised version will be available for the User to view upon accessing the Website. It is the User’s responsibility to check the most up-to-date version of the Terms of Use which is always available to view on the Website. Following amendments to the Terms of Use, any use of the services provided by the Website implies the User’s full agreement.


2-Responsibilities and guarantees:

2-1-Website access terms

Where possible, the Website will make every reasonable effort to ensure its website and services are constantly available. However, it is not required to do so. The Website may suspend access for maintenance purposes or updates or any kind namely technical or editorial without any prior warning to Users. The Website cannot be held responsible for the consequences of these interruptions for Users or third parties no matter the reason, duration or frequency of these interruptions. The Website is not liable for non-availability or use of the website due to unsuitable equipment, malfunctions from the User’s internet provider, internet crashes or any other reason external to the website. The Website does not guarantee information transfer rate or response time from the Website platform to the internet. The User agrees that information transmission speed is not dependent on the services provided by the Website but the features inherent to the electronic communications networks and technical features of the User’s connections (RTC, cable, broadband etc.) and internet access.

The Website doesn’t provide any personal assistance or hotline. The User may send comments about the Website’s services via email without the Website being required to respond or process the query.

The Website doesn’t guarantee that the website or server provided are exempt of viruses or other harmful components.

Any data or software downloaded by the User or obtained in any way during use of the service is entirely at the User’s own risk. The User alone is responsible for any damage to the computer or loss of data following a data download or access or use of services


2-2-Information content provided by the Website

As publisher, although the Website has made every reasonable effort to check the quality, truthfulness, safety and accuracy of the information and data available on the Website, it is not liable for the accuracy of this information.

The User alone is responsible for the use and implication of information viewed on the Website. The Website is exempt from any liability for direct or indirect damage that may be related to data usage.

The Website publishes a full list of French campsites stated by the prefecture on January 1st of the current year. The Website is not liable for any errors or omissions in its directory because the Website is not committed to publishing truthful information as this data comes from the campsite managers. However, the Website makes every reasonable effort to update and correct any inaccuracies highlighted by campsite managers. Campsite managers are thus required to come forward to assert their rights over a campsite at the Guides de Motor Presse France service.


2-3-Links and partner sites

The Website and its services are completely separate to its partners’ websites in terms of content, services and presentation. Access to and use of these partner websites are governed by separate terms of use and partner website publishers are solely responsible to the User with no relation to the Website. The Website is not liable for their content, advertisements, products, services or any other feature available on/from these websites.


- The Website is not liable for partner services’ breach of current legal requirements and regulations, the User should cease from using the website in question at the risk of being held liable.

- The Website is not liable for Users’ use of partner services. The Website can in no way be held responsible for content sent, received or transferred on partner websites (e.g. claims that may arise between a partner trade service and User or relating to a partner’s competition).

- The Website is not liable for claims arising from a holiday booking with one of the advertisers or partners on the Website whether it be a campsite, booking system or campsite chain.

The Website makes every reasonable effort to send partner services/third parties any of the User’s questions or complaints about these services in a prompt manner. The User should include accurate information in the request so that the Website can identify the subject and the partner service in question.

Any problems relating to a hypertext link should be sent to the website’s administrator or webmaster.


3-Duration and termination:

The User agrees that the Website reserves the right to cease providing some or all of the services available on the Website with no formal notice, warning, compensation or justification.

Should the User fail to adhere to these Terms of Use, special clauses for any of the services or generally breach current legal requirements and regulations, the Website reserves the right to immediately terminate access to some or all the services or website to the User in question with no formal notice, warning or compensation. The Website may announce the termination of providing services without prejudice to any damage which may arise from the termination and any penalties which it may be due (see art 7).


4-Copyright and intellectual property:

Every feature of the Website namely its structure, editorial content, brands, logos, graphics, text, illustrations, photos, images, audio, videos and animation are protected by copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights. The Website is the owner or licensee of the Intellectual Property Rights and these Terms of Use can in no way be interpreted as giving the User ownership.

Breach of these terms may result in civil and legal sanctions as decreed by the Intellectual Property Law.

The Website gives Users accessing the website the right to use it for personal, private and non-exclusive reasons excluding any public or collective access or use of Website content. The User therefore agrees to respect intellectual property rights over the various content on the Website and namely:

- not reproduce, modify, alter or resend any content within or related to the website without the Website’s authorisation

- not misappropriate or use the services and Website for commercial reasons without the Website’s written authorisation

No hypertext links can be sent to the Website without written authorisation otherwise such a link will be considered forgery.

As publisher, the Website acknowledges the existence of these rights and makes every reasonable effort to respect the intellectual property rights of others.

The Website is not liable for the violation of intellectual property rights which may arise from partnership operations which it may fulfil with partner services or hypertext links inserted in its pages.



5-1- Right to access, amend and delete

The User reserves the right to access, amend and delete any personal data at any time collected by the Website during various operations (e.g. newsletter subscription) and recorded following the User’s agreement when creating a user account. Users can exercise their rights at the following address: Régicamp - 5 avenue de la République - 75011 PARIS - France.

Personal data provided by the User may be sold or exchanged unless otherwise stated when subscribing to the newsletter. It may be sent to the Website’s third party technical providers to ensure its services work efficiently.


5-2- Child protection

People with parental or guardian authority over a child acknowledge that the Website and partner services may contain information of an inappropriate nature or form for access/use by a child. It is highly recommended that they monitor the child’s use of the internet and Websites or Partner services.


5-3- Cookies

By using our site, you accept the use of the aforementioned Cookies. Find out more and manage these settings.


6 –Scope of Terms of Use: Partial nullification-non-waiver-breach by User

Should one or more provisions in these Terms of Use be declared null and void by the application of a law, regulation or following a final decision by an applicable jurisdiction, the other provisions shall retain their force and scope.

Any forbearance or failure by the Website to enforce a provision to which a User is subject shall not affect its contractual or legal requirements or be regarded as a relinquishment of this provision.

In general, the User shall indemnify the Website against all proceedings, claims or complaints with which it may be threatened, subject to and/or which may be brought against it including any reasonable legal costs to which it may be exposed should the User be the cause or origin of the breach of these Terms of Use and/or any additional and specific regulations or guidelines which apply to the Website.

In the event of contradiction between these Terms of Use and any special clauses, the latter shall prevail over the former.


7-Jurisdiction and applicable law

These Terms of Use are governed by French law. The Paris Court has exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from the interpretation and execution of these terms including conservative measures, emergency, referees or multiple claimants.