The most beautiful campsites in France /

  • Arinella Bianca

    20240 Ghisonaccia / Corsica
    In the heart of the Costa Serena
  • U Farniente

    20169 Bonifacio / Corsica
    In the heart of the Isle of Beauty
  • San Damiano

    20620 Biguglia / Corsica
    In the heart of the Isle of Beauty

For a stay surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, don't hesitate to spend your holidays camping in Corsica. Discover the island of beauty anchored between Tuscany and Sardinia.

Enjoy the wooded and mountainous relief of Corsica, with the scents of the maquis, before crossing picturesque vineyards and orchards, to reach the high cliffs of the south and heavenly beaches. Numerous points of interest in Corsica are worth the diversion, such as the Gulf of Porto, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Appreciate the island's preserved fauna and flora through nature reserves, such as those of Scandola or Bonifacio. Hikes in the Marana plain await you before climbing the Corsican summits. Then rest on the edge of sublime gulfs, or in the heart of the cities of Bastia, Calvi, Corte, Sartène, Ajaccio, or Porto Vecchio. Taste Corsican cheeses and gastronomic specialities.

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San Damiano

20620 Biguglia / In the heart of the Isle of Beauty

Situated a few kilometres away from Bastia, the San Damiano campsite is tucked away in a pine forest with direct access to the beach and also brings you the magnificent setting of the Lido de Marana.

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U Farniente

20169 Bonifacio / In the heart of the Isle of Beauty

Discover the charms of Corsica, between the translucent sea and the scrubland, with its U Farniente 4-star campsite in Pertamina.

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Arinella Bianca

20240 Ghisonaccia / In the heart of the Costa Serena

5* Arinella Bianca campsite: get back to nature and explore Corsica in a luxury holiday setting.

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Marina d'Erba Rossa

20240 Ghisonaccia / In the heart of the Isle of Beauty

Spend your summer holiday at the 4* Marina d'Erba Rossa campsite in Ghisonaccia. Exerience the unbridled joys of Corsica for yourself.

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Les Castors

20260 Calvi / In the heart of the Isle of Beauty

It’s no coincidence that Corsica is also called “the Isle of Beauty”. You only need spend your holidays in an unspoilt setting in the heart of Balagne, almost in the centre of Calvi, in an adorable little 4-star family campsite, Les Castors, to see that this is true.

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