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VIP mobile home rentals on the Atlantic coast

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VIP mobile home rentals on the Atlantic coast

It’s possible to feel at home on holiday! In St Brévin, the mobile homes are of high quality and fully equipped. Most of them even have a wooden terrace to enjoy with your family.

Discover luxury accommodation at Le Fief 5-star campsite in South Brittany: choose between Sunelia Luxe and Sunelia Prestige.

Sunelia Luxe

Spacious and luxurious. This rental of 37m² will offer you all the comfort and luxury you need. The parents’ bedroom has a large bed measuring 160*200 and there’s a bedroom with two beds measuring 190*80 for the children. Everyone has plenty of personal space here.

The equipment includes a dishwasher and real oven in the kitchen.  In the lounge, you can avail yourself of a Hi-Fi system and flat screen TV. From the wooden terrace, you can breathe in the sea air from the Atlantic.

Free Wi-Fi access is available for this rental only.


Sunelia Prestige

A 3-bedroom mobile home covering 40 m². An ideal rental for your family in South Brittany. With its 3 cosy bedrooms, everyone has plenty of privacy.

The living room has a Hi-Fi system and the kitchen is equipped with a microwave grill and refrigerator. The wooden terrace is a nice place to sit at the end of a lovely day on holiday in Brittany.

The 3-bedroom mobile home also includes 2 wash rooms for even more comfort.

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